Try to crucify me, call me Jesus

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In summer the song sings itself

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When picking up the line and dialing the past, the first to enter the "those-were-good-times-area" is the summer. Killing the thirst with an ice-cold homemade lemonade in the sun, taking a walk among old genuine alleys of southern Europe, dance dance dance until night becomes dawn, feel that careless french attitude in the streets of Montmartre...Should I go on?

Making life even less stressfull by sliding into the sunset in an old man's colorful fisher-boat, feeling wet sand slipping through your fingers, relaxing with an old classic book as the day slowly ends, hanging out with dear friends and family... Truly, summer has a way of making everything glorious.

Leather Weather

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1. Karl Lagerfeld
2. Zara top
3. Belt Alaïa
4. H&M cap
5. Burberry shoes
6. Collar by Marlene Birger

Anja Rubik

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pic. Sthlm Streetstyle

Apparantly there's some fondness deep down in me for this sort of stylish-trashy kind of look. Love that the freshness of the breezy light hair and natural make-up meets the slapdash golden pants and wool jacket....really adds to the model-of-duty look that I so dearly love. 
1. Knitted sweater COS
2. Wool coat Jil Sander Net-à
3. Golden-printed jeans
4. Space heels Acne

For tips on how to get as beauiful as Anja Rubik (yes that is what the article promises, but of.c. one has to be critical) check this out!

Fashion Week est Passé

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I'm aiming for the stars, really. Three, or four posts per year might be something, right? However, fashion week in Stockholm is now officially over and from as far as I know some of the swedish brands made quite a show; Altewai.Saome, Ann Sofie Back, the display of the work of Beckman's students - happily viewed par moi. Both on set at Berns Salonger in Stockholm and home by the computer with a slobbery smile stuck to my face.


V Avenue Shoe Repair
Pics borrowed from
Love-sensor takes notes; stylein button hair, golden suit and V Avenue hood jacket.


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I actually came across these gems when in Paris this fall break. My number one favourite store, Colette, truly has an impeccable taste in what to sell. Or maybe in some cases rather what to show since most of their items goes within the luxury category. What can I say? Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton and the rest of you, knock out! These lovers are created by Hugo & Rolf. Succeeded? YES THEY HAVE!

Non-ending thirst for Colours

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Sarah Jessica Parker all dressed up in loooooooooooveeeee (you know the song in the ending scene in sex & the city the movie..) well, hell, wouldn't know about that but at least I immediately fell in love with the colour pailet!

1. heels Kurt Greiger
2. Shirt Wardrobe,
3. Wide-legged pants Topshop
4. Curling iron Ga.Ma CP1 Ceramic


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One minute of reflection for today's choice in what to wear. Add that up with a run on ice  to grab the local bus in the earth's most slippery shoes, make-up-doing in presence of everyone's glares on the subway and experiencing extreme decision-agony concerning what to buy. Apparantly this has become sort of a routine for each shopping opportunity. Today was not an exception; result below.

Very blue bag DKNY
Beige coat Ril's
Black sweater MTWTFSS
Jeans Acne
Scarf Zara
Shoes Rizzo
Ring Designtorget

Fashionable friend Emmy wearing woolen hat monki, fur Monroe, mocha jacket soul, velour sweater and pants  zara, heels Topshop, bag River Island