Invincibility lies in the defence

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Fur Ilum Copenhagen
Jeans jacket Acne
Suit pants Filippa K
Top MTWTFSS Weekday
Sneakers H&M
Bag Massimo Dutti

(Still) very fashionable friend Emmy, amongst wild nature in commodious savanna, using new sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. Great protection in case a puma suddenly would go to attac....... (it actually is quite dead around the train station and a couple of months ago there was a huuuuuge dog attacking kids so you never know right?)
To another subject- the spring is here! Finally! Yiiiiiiiiha! That means, as soon as things has started to settle down in school, that I'm (for the first time in my life) start to really blog. Have an enormous bunch of photos from recent trip to Berlin that I haven't yet shared. Stay tuned!